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                                          Obedience dog training clubs throughout South Australia
                      affiliated with the Australian National Kennel Council through DogsSA





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                            Metropolitan Clubs :                                        Regional Clubs  (below)  


Adelaide Plains Kennel & Obedience Club
                 cnr. of Old Port Wakefield & Windmill Roads, Two Wells.   
              Obedience only, Wednesday evenings.        Ph: 8524 3499 
and on Facebook :

 Dover Gardens K.& O.C.    Quick Road, Mitchell Park.     Ph: 8277 0803  
The clubgrounds and facilities are being redeveloped throughout 2021,
with currently no landline phone connected. A Mobile number will be posted here when available.
           Obedience & Rally-O training Sunday mornings & Wednesday evenings.   
               Flyball training on Sunday mornings   www.doverdog.org.au

Gawler D.T.C
  Elliot Goodger Reserve, River Road, Willaston.    Ph: 8524 3318      
      Obedience & Rally training Friday evenings, Agility training Wednesday evenings.
       Contact: Wendy Adams    Ph: 8524 3318 ;  www.gawlerdogtrainingclubinc.org.au/ For details on class training times, see :   http://www.gawlerdogtrainingclubinc.org.au/traininginfo.html

epps Cross D.T.C.    Somerset Reserve, Sarnia Avenue, Clearview
  Obedience only, training Sunday mornings.         Ph:  8261 7220

Gundog Club of S.A.   cnr. Mitchell Street & Cudmore Terrace, Henley Beach
   Obedience only, Monday evenings :  gundogclubofsa.org.au/obedience.htm
                                              contact : David Oppermann  Ph: 
0401 125 736

German Shepherd Dog Club of S.A.    Barratt Reserve    Ph:  8297 3922
  West Beach Road, West Beach (see: A.D.C.S.A. above)   www.gsdcsa.org.au/
         G.S.D.s only, Obedience & Show training Wednesday evenings & Sunday mornings. 

Klever Kanine Dog Obedience School:
 Various times / locations in Adelaide suburbs :
       Obedience only,  Contact Mrs. Irene Martin   Ph : 8265 07057  /  0418 830 362

 Munno Para D.O.C.  Kooranowa Reserve, Vincent Road, Smithfield Plains ( off Peachey Road )   
        Obedience & Rally-O training Monday evenings ; Agility Tuesday evenings.
      Contact :
Sharon Kolze   Ph:  8523 0515  ;  e-mail:  sharonkolze@yahoo.com.au
from mid-April to mid-June 2021, Munno Para club's activities will be relocating
temporarily to Duncan Avenue Rerserve, Trimmer Road, Eizabeth Vale

Noarlunga City O.D.C. Pimpala P.S., Vanstone Avenue, Morphett Vale  
Obedience training Wednesday evenings and Sunday mornings & Rally on Sundays ;
          Agility training Monday evenings.     Ph: 8384 7271   

Northern Districts K.& O.C.   Munno Para Soccer grounds
          cnr: Hansen & Uley Roads, Elizabeth Downs  
           Obedience & Rally-Obedience training Friday evenings.   Ph: 8380 9866

       Para District O.D.C.   Jenkins Reserve, off Saints Road,  Salisbury     
     Obedience & Rally-O training Sunday mornings; Ph: 8251 3274  (A.H.)
            Agility Friday evenings.             www.paradogtraining.com.au
  For more information on class training times, click HERE

  Port Adelaide O.D.C.    Victoria Road, Osborne      Ph: 0408 854 990
         Obedience & Rally-O training Sunday mornings.  http://www.paodc.com.au/

   South Australian O.D.C.   Beaumont Road, Adelaide south parklands. Ph: 8223 6626
           ( from South / East Terrace )   
             Obedience & Rally Obedience training on Tuesday mornings & evenings; 
For details of class training times, see:  http://www.saobediencedogclub.com.au

Southern Districts K.& O.D.C. N.-E. cnr. States & Wheatsheaf Roads, Morphett Vale   
       Obedience, Rally-O and Agility training Wednesday evenings (advanced classes)
 & Sunday mornings.     http://www.sdkodc.com/    Obedience:  Ph: 8386 1933
  Agility inquiries: Judy Magarey : 0417 807 481
For details of class training times, see:

Regional Clubs :

 Blue Lake O.D.C Inc..   Hastings-Cunningham Reserve, Mount Gambier    www.blodc.com
           Obedience & Agility training Sunday mornings : contact  Ph: 8273 047

Fleurieu Dog Obedience Club
  Victor Harbour Hockey Club grounds,
Bacchus Rd, Victor Harbour
   Obedience & Rally-Otraining Monday evenings;   http://fleurieudogobedienceclub.org.au/
Contact : John Bailey 
 Ph: 0414 248 806  ;  E-mail: bailja@internode.on.net

   Port Pirie Obedience Dog Club Inc.   Leonard Park, Kingston Road, Port Pirie
 Obedience only, Sunday mornings. Chief Instructor: Maxine Francis Ph: 0408 810 187

Riverland O. & K.C. Inc. Riverland Exhibition (Field Trials) Centre,
Sturt Highway, Barmera       www.riverlanddogtraining.com
          Obedience & Rally-O training Wednesday evening @ 7 p.m.;
Agility training Monday evenings
    Contact:  Sue Laidler  Ph: 8582 2799 /  0419 839 500  

Spencer Gulf  O.D.C. Inc.  Nicholson Avenue P. S., Nicholson Ave., Whyalla Norrie

           Obedience ~ Sunday mornings 10 - 10.45  & Wednesday evenings 5 - 5.30   
Agility  ~ Sundays from 11 a.m.   NO training on long weekends.
    Rally-O. on alternate Sunday mornings    
Contact : Jill Warner   0416178275      or find us on Facebook