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Dog Obedience S.A.

Calendar of 2019 Events



   This calendar
outlines all Dogsports offered in S.A. :
  Obedience (dark blue text) & Rally(light blue)
  plus Agility, Jumping, Games, Herding, Tracking, Retrieving,
  Endurance, Earthdog, & Dancing With Dogs

  ... or click Here for the same calendar in .pdf format ... 

 Obedience clubs


Trial Schedules 

 Trial results

Judges' list
(& SACA Reps.)

 Competition Rules

Titles gained

SACA Awards

SACA Awards Rules:

Entry Forms
& Judges' Scoresheets

Height Measuring

 It's in Word format so it's easy for you to download, edit and print for your own purposes, but an Obedience-only (& Rally) calendar is available already edited from the above. The calendar is subject to occasional changes throughout the year, and will be up-dated as information becomes available .
  Click Here  for an Obedience-only (& Rally) calendar  
 Here  for all DogsSA events inc. Shows ( DogsSA site )

  and an Agility-only calendar ( incorporating Games ) can be found on the
  equivalent page of the Agility Advisory Committee's web-site


                                                   Trial Calendar for 2018