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  Please read in full the revised DogsSA Rule Part VIII Exhibitions A. 
 re. a dog being under effective control, and handlers' responsibilities.

 ( effective from May 1st, 2017 )
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       Heel-work Seminar

The Obedience Advisory Committee has arranged for a seminar to be held
      on Saturday September 2nd at David Roche Park, Kilburn.

      The general standard of heelwork has been a concern for some time.
      It appears that many people are finding the progression from CCD to Novice very
      challenging due to the requirement for Novice heelwork to be performed off lead.
      The same problem may also be an issue between Novice and Advanced Rally.

      Whilst there may be a number of reasons for these problems, the OAC considers that it
      might be beneficial to provide this focus on heelwork training.
      The seminar will be presented by Jill Houston.
      Jill currently resides in WA but has extensive experience training and successfully trialling
      dogs as well as Judging in both the UK and in Australia.

      The session will run from 10:00 am to approximately 12:00 noon.
       It is aimed at both existing Competitors and those members of affiliated clubs who may be
      thinking about entering trials in the near future.
     The main focus will be on engaging with your dog, making heelwork enjoyable for both dog
      and handler and getting better heelwork. 
The cost will be $10 per person, payable on the day.
      There will also be 10 working positions available where Jill will work with the dog and
       handler. The cost for a working participant is $20 per person.
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     Dover Gardens K.& O.C.  Mock Obedience Trial Sunday August 27th @ 09.30
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