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             Competitors are advised that the ANKC is conduction its 5 yearly review
                              of Rules for the conduct of Obedience and Rally Trials.

                      The Obedience Advisory Committee is calling for submissions
                                     regarding proposed changes to these rules.
Submissions must be made in writing
                                                    in the prescribed format
                                      to Brian Fielder at
                                              no later than 31st March 2019.


               Once all proposals have been received a meeting of competitors
       will be held to discuss them and to formulate South Australia’s final submission.
       The prescribed format must include the current rule, the proposed change
       in bold italic font, and the rationale for the proposed change.

If the proposed change is to a rule contained in the General Rules and Glossary,
      the proposal should include the heading the rule comes under, and the page number
      from the current rule book.   If the proposal concerns a particular exercise in a
      trial class, the class and the exercise should be noted.


       Page 12         GENERAL RULES  9.  JUDGING PROCEDURES


          Current Rule: If multiple classes are judged in the one ring, the U.D. and U.D.X.
          classes must be judged before other Classes

       Proposed Change: If multiple classes are judged in the one ring
, the order of
      Judging of the classes must be from the highest level first down to lowest level

  Rationale – The current rule only refers to UDX and UD classes. 


         For further information:
                                                South Australian Canine Association 
                                  The Australian National Kennel Council
                                            interested in Dog Agility too?

           N.B:  Adobe Acrobat Reader will be required to read or download the Rules documents:
                                                               Click here to download AAR

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